Oak Parquet Dance Floors

Inter-locking Portable Oak Parquet Flooring

Our beautiful Oak Parquet Wooden Dance Floors are great for laying in any type of room and venue as long as the ground is flat. This highly polished wooden dance floor is installed within minutes by our smart professional installation team.

We use only the finest oak wooden parquet Portable dance floors the industry has to offer and make sure all of our dance floors are installed to the highest of standards.

We have a reputation of excellence when it comes to quality of product and quality of service.

Our Oak Parquet Dance Floor Panels come in 3ftx 3ft or 3ft x 1.5 sections, allowing us to be as flexible as possible on dimensions. If you let us know the number of guests attending your function, we would be happy to suggest the size of Oak parquet dance floor your will require.

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Our helpful sales team are here to help. We will help you find the right dance floor for your special function and work out the correct size you will require so you get the most from your event.

Why Use Oak Parquet Dance Floor Hire?

We're simply the best

We believe that there is no other company in the UK that can match our quality or service and product.

We only use the best products the industry has to offer. We also offer one of the most competitive pricing structures you will find at this high level of flooring hire.

We have Disco and Dance Floor options to choose from saving you even more money than if you were to book these two services separately with two different suppliers

We work very closely with you from stage one to ensure you are getting the right product at the right size and of course, the best possible price.

Let Oak Parquet Dance Floor hire take care of your dance floor requirements. Feel rest assured that you have chosen the industry leader to look after your dance floor needs.